Orion's Hammer: Home-built Firearms

Firearms Design Principles

Home-made firearms projects

AR-15 with blue plastic lower
AR-15 lower milled from wood or a cutting board
  • Works with any upper receiver, from 22lr to 50BMG, available through the mail!
  • Takes only a few hours to mill up
  • Also seen on YouTube, and Fark.
Tech Level: Metal Mill
compact high-cap pistol
Garage-built blowbAK Tokarev pistol
  • 7.62x25 caliber
  • Semiautomatic pistol (legal in most US states)
  • Uses cheap AK-47 trigger group
  • Hacksaw-and-drill receiver, bolt, and trunnions
Tech Level: Hacksaw
Spurt of flame
You too can build a flamethrower!
  • Diesel fuel propelled by compressed air
Tech Level: Fire!

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Orion's Hammer is dedicated to the preservation of the US constitution and its second amendment by promoting the construction of effective weapons by law-abiding citizens.  All projects described seem to be legal under US federal law and Alaska state law; but your country, state, county, city, homeowners association, and/or roomates may impose additional rules.  This is only a hobby: I do not offer anything for sale here, and will never sell anything to you.  Most projects described here really are exceedingly dangerous, and should only be attempted by sober and intelligent adults--not, for example, drunken idiot kids!  I typically first test my projects while wearing goggles, earmuffs, a face shield, heavy gloves, and body armor; and then pull the trigger using a long rope while crouching behind several yards of solidly-packed dirt in a remote area.  Really!  You should take similar precautions.